Le Chateau Creating Community

Le Chateau // Lake Charles, LA

When visiting southwest Louisiana there are a number of things that one must try while in the area. The tastiest of course being boiled crawfish. Eating crawfish in the south is a communal tradition passed down from the Native Americans that calls for the community to come together and enjoy one great meal as whole. When crawfish season begins locals and visitors alike begin flocking to restaurants and friends houses to stuff themselves full of spicy tails and icy drinks. The staff at LeChateau Apartments is no stranger to this tradition and has brought it home to their residents for the second year in a row. Trinity Baptist Church teamed up with LeChateau Apartments last year to provide snow cones and activities for the entire apartment community. Mr. Jimmy LaSalle, a current resident of LeChateau is a professional caterer, and was more than happy to be the backbone of this event. Bounce houses, music, face painting, and various pool toys provided by Trinity were just a few of the activities available for the kids in attendance, as well as plenty of crawfish, corn, and potatoes to go around for everyone.

Multifamily Management Inc.’s has developed a program, MMICares, whose sole mission is to provide community awareness and residential assistance for those in need. LeChateau’s Crawfish Boil is a prime example of that effort. This event has not only raised a sense of community for the property, but has also unified residents with the surrounding area. Vendors who provided support for the event and organizations that volunteered built business and social relationships with residents, further strengthening the connections between everyone who lives and works in the area. That is the true essence of community. Awesome job LeChateau, keep on cooking!

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