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August 4, 2017
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To All MMI Staff:

We have all been watching closely the virus that has now affected some of the states in which we operate.  We have adopted some special operating procedures to keep our employees and residents safe while this virus runs its course.

Our Corporate Leaders held a meeting Sunday, March 15 and listed out procedures that will go into effect immediately.

All Properties

  • All offices will be open normal business hours with limited access to visitors.
  • All amenities will be closed until further notice. This includes but not limited to; fitness center, clubhouse, swimming pools, barbecue areas, tennis courts, etc.
  • Rent payments should be made via website or drop box
  • Work Orders should be made via website or calling the office
  • Maintenance Personnel will attend to emergency work orders only (find definition in our operations manual on the MMI website)
  • We recommend that you clean your offices, phones, desk, keyboards, cellphones, bathrooms, breakrooms, etc. 
  • We asked that you sanitize your fitness equipment and all other amenity areas prior to closing them.

Recommendations for Prospects or future resident

  1. Can view units via websites
  2. Can tour our vacant units with a proper ID which is to be left in office and key given to the prospect for self-tour.

We realize more questions will arise over the next few weeks and we ask that you address them to your Regionals.  We will be in daily contact with the Regionals on any issues not covered in this email or any changes that we will need to make on the above.

Please follow the CDC information for proper handwashing procedures and direct symptoms of this virus. 

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