Win an Apartment for a Year

Win an Apartment for a Year

Apartment Giveaway will be held on December 4th at 6:00PM at the location listed below. This event is open to the entire public for a chance to win a free apartment for a year. The competition is open to the 1st 50 approved applicants per site. The approved applicants will be contacted as soon as application is approved. To win the competition contestants must hold on to door knob in the approved location the longest. That’s right! You will be competing with the other 49 people to see who can hold onto a door knob the longest. Please review the rules and regulations below before applying. We wish everybody the best of luck!!!

The Palms Apartments

View all Rules & Regulations by Clicking Here: Rules & Regulations

if you have any questions in regard to this contest, please call 228.832.9910

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